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Frquently Asked Questions

What percentage of people do you approve?

100% of our customers are approved.

Do you check credit?

No. We do not check credit when you get a car, since everyone is already approved.

What do I need to bring to get a car?

  • 1. Deposit Payment (Cash, Debit, Credit accepted)
  • 2. Photo ID
  • 3. Phone numbers for friends and relatives.
  • 4. Nothing Else is required

What other documents do I need to bring?

None. No other documents are necessary.

Do I need to bring check stubs or lease agreements or utility bills or anything for verification?

No. We DO NOT require you to bring check stubs, rental leases, utility bills, mail, or any other type of documentation. But if you do bring them, the process may go more quickly. Not having them will not affect your approval. Everyone is approved.

Here is a list of documents you DON’T need to bring:

  • No check stubs
  • No utility bills/phone bills
  • No lease agreements/rental contracts
  • No mail with your address on it
  • No letters from your mom
  • No documents of any kind

So I really don’t need to bring any other documents?


What if I get there and you won’t lease me the car because I didn’t bring certain documents?

That will not happen. We guarantee your approval on your first visit.

Is there an application to fill out online or at the Dealership to get approved for a car?

No. There is no application process. Everyone is approved.

What if I just started my job or I work for a temp agency?

You are approved. New and temporary jobs will not disqualify you.

What if I have a cash job and no check stubs?

You are approved. We do not require check stubs.

What if I am unemployed or I have fixed income. Can I still get a car?

Yes. We have no job requirements, since everyone is approved.

What if I don’t have my own place but I stay with other people?

You are approved. Staying with your parents or other relatives is OK. Living with your friend and not being on their lease is OK. Living in a Hotel is OK.

Can I live in a hotel and still get a car?

Yes. We have no residency requirements, since everyone is approved.

What if I am moving or I just moved?

You are approved. Just let us know your new address and your living situation. We will ask.

How far away can I live from Indianapolis?

You can live anywhere. There is no distance requirement. If you live far out of town, though, you may be required to give a small additional deposit amount at time of delivery depending on the distance.

Do I have to have full coverage insurance to get a car?

No. But a very few of our higher end cars yes.

How much money do I need to bring to drive away with a car?

For most cars bring anywhere from $395 to $995 to drive away. We also have a few cars ranging from $1295 all the way to $2495 payable at time of delivery.

How much are the payments?

Most payments range from $60 to $75 weekly. The full range on all cars is $50 to $99 weekly.

What if I don’t get paid weekly?

No problem. We get paid we when you get paid. If you get paid bi-weekly or twice a month, just pay us bi-weekly or twice a month. Monthly income payers pay monthly.

How long do the cars take to pay off?

Most of the cars take from 24 to 48 weeks to pay off. Some take a little longer. A few of the highest end cars we have take up to 18 months, or a year and a half. We do not charge interest, so all moneys come off the total price.

What interest rate do you charge?

None. We do not charge interest on our cars. In technical terms, that is 0%APR interest rate.

What fees are involved when I get a car?

None. We do not charge fees of any kind. We do not charge a doc fee or a loan fee. The only money you will pay other that the price on the sticker, is the government fees of tax, title and license plates.

Do I get to choose my own car?

Yes. You can choose any car that matches your desired deposit amount. Deposit amounts are clearly marked on the window.

Can I take a car for a test drive?

Yes. When you are ready to get a car, bring a licensed driver if you wish to test drive a car.

Can I use my debit or credit card to get a car?

Yes. We accept ALL types of debit and credit cards.

How often do you get new cars?

We get new inventory daily.

Can I call down there and find out about your latest inventory?

Please don’t. We are very busy and the inventory changes very quickly. Instead refer to the website or come and visit us.

How long does the process take from start to finish and leave with the car?

30 minutes to an hour usually. It may take a little longer during peak business times. But when you come, you leave with the car on the same visit.

What’s the catch?

None. If you have the deposit amount, your ID, and phone numbers for some friends and relatives, you are leaving with the car of your choosing. If you do not get approved, we will give you a new $100 bill.

Can I buy any of the cars for cash so I don’t have to make payments?

Yes. All cars may be purchased for cash (or debit or credit card) to avoid payments. Remember to ask for a discount!